At Darling Family Farm we raise two types of cattle, the Scottish Highland breed and the Polled Hereford.

The Scottish Highland breed is an old, rare breed that has remained virtually unchanged since grazing the rugged landscape of Scotland in the sixth century. Highland Cattle carry very little surface fat but do have a certain amount of fine marbling throughout the beef. Although they mature more slowly than many other breeds, the wait is worth it. Their distinct, hairy overcoat means the carcass does not lay down the thick layer of surface fat necessary to many other breeds so the meat is lean yet full of flavor with just the right amount of marbled fat throughout. 

A staple of the beef cattle industry, the Polled Hereford is one of the primary cattle breeds in the world’s beef market. Possessing a typically large, muscular, red frame, with a white face, crest, dewlap and underline—it is one of the two most common purebred beef breeds in the US. The horned Hereford was developed in Herefordshire, England in the mid 18th century. Its reputation as a hardy animal opened the door for introduction and acceptance into the newly beginning cattle industry of the United States, in 1817. The first Herefords were raised in the state of New York, their spread to other states following shortly after.

We offer our beef as steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat, short ribs and soup bones all by the cut, or as larger packages (mixed quarter, and half of a mixed quarter).

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Darling Family Farm also offers the following services:

Tractor Parts. We are available to assist with tractor repair. We offer a large selection of new and used parts for most tractor models. 

Dairy Replacement Heifers

Cattle & Equipment Hauling


Snow Plowing. Providing snow removal service in the winter.

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